I usually focus on, "Whitey," aka Christopher Robinson, the "Dream Detective," when I write about the people who are "gang-banging" me.  (When I say gang-banging, I mean harrassing me electronically through RFID miccro chip technology.)  Today I want to introduce you to the other Whitey.  Let's call him Whitey.2. 

Whitey.2 was told to leave me alone more than a year ago.  But for some reason, he just won't stop harrassing me.
  As s you can see from the photo below, he's quite a guy.  That's him on the left.  (His face looks kind of like a dog's scrotum.)  Can you imagine what it's like to see that face every night when you're trying to sleep ?  Yeah, well, that's what I have to look at.  Not only that, he likes to pretend he's having sex with me... no he can't actually touch me, but the micro-chips tie into the nervous system, and I can feel what he's "doing."  Sometimes he likes to pretend he's having anal sex with me.  He's quite the f**king prince. 

Last week, Whitey.2 decided to try and intimidate me by walking out into the courtyard at, "The Square." ( I'm not intimidated easily... or at all these days actually. )  So Whitey.2 walks out of the Chamberlain-Devry School of Nursing building acting like he belonged there.  He made sure I noticed him.  I laughed, because, it's funny that a person who's trying to stay hidden, would walk out into the courtyard in broad daylight.  The next day, I was outside smoking when the fire alarm went off in the School of Nursing.  Then out walks Whitey.2 carrying a leather case under one arm.  He was moving rather quickly.  Having had to put up with him for five years, I can say he more than likely set off the alarm and made off with something.    On, Friday the 22nd I believe, Whitey.2 walked into the building wearing an identification badge... which he did not have before.  My guess:  Whitey.2 stole a name badge maker the day the alarm went off... and now he's wearing it to make himself fit in.  In the photo, he's hanging out with the security guard, just to make it seem like he's not hiding anything. 
Whitey.2 has gone rogue.