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I. This is John. Well look I wonder what do you attribute his team meeting on the inside ball severe drought.
Frozen foods trying to get out maybe. You think ninety people in the back of the truck could make enough noise you heard well and they said they were don't try to get his attention. You know. The system most bizarre story and at a Wal-Mart parking lot which they're allowed to park yen. A gym all the time I'm. Edged bizarre story and there's just one of those stories readers think are you really. That's still goes on and I guess it goes on more now that he is too. Are absolutely bizarre you know it's almost nice outside. I said that until I walked from the building a couple of minutes ago bit earlier I was like an hour and a half ago or so I was out to side with the dog and and I was sickened in comparison notes as you know Friday Saturday it's do it's it's it's almost human out there so. I'm pretty good stuff Jared commissioner made a rare public statement today after his meeting behind closed doors with the Senate Intelligence Committee. And he had issued a statement before the hearing even started in wool review that just a second but. He obviously has a pretty sharp legal team behind him. Armed. But he this afternoon he reaffirmed his main point and that is quote I did not collude with Russia nor do I know of anybody else in the air campaign who did so close quote. And he reiterated. A lot of the points that he made in this eleven page statement to we'll talk about if you. He also suggested that the Russian investigation has political undertones no at all. Think about that today this drip drip drip to his death by a thousand cuts. An and and and and we've done this with. I'm in both parties do this. For those selective nominee are the president you know whenever. If there was ever a time. To have a national campaign. Against incumbents. Get rid of the shoe bombers get credit get rid  of all of them get rid of the Paul Bryant get red red get rid of McConnell get rid of all of that get rid of policy. Get rid of all of them. We that we should have an incumbent. Diversion. From progress. And that's roller rest while we're doing these days diversion from progress. Make ensured no progress. My way or the highway and both sides are totally entrenched and that and so would. It did it's it's not going to be your way so there's going to be no way it's it is testament. Anyway pressure also suggested that the Russian investigation had political undertones and us said quote. Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that's why we won. Suggesting otherwise. Ridicules those who voted for him. Dimple. Who are speaking of dimple or smear is going to have a little press conference today at 445 before the City Council meets to cover a various number of things include ago whether or not you're gonna bloody Mary on Sunday. And and they're supposed to be a Syrian. The same people that actually got a lot of national attention with the sentiment does Starbucks. Army is planning to sit have a sitting in today it's a City Council. Two. To help counsel dimple. On exactly. Not only. How the system works. But. But also. Get elected. Not just appointed. They did so anyway that's what's going on there so I Kirschner is back behind closed doors tomorrow keep on thinking Charlie read Joe's gonna have. It's gonna have TJ play behind closed doors today and I've sought to myself now that is so dated. But he's back BR and a closed doors so tomorrow he'll be at the House Intelligence Committee. And and and and actually don't you think it's about time to do an investigation into the intelligence of the house and the Senate Committees. Several people came in the door and I'd Davidson on a Friday boomer and to Mars bomber struck visually visually blue respect the studios and olive aren't.
WBT Chatbot and Collusion
“They’re yelling fools... And a lot of what they pass around is false news.”    Automated Pro-Trump Bots Overwhelmed Pro-Clinton Messages, Researchers Say
- NY Times Nov. 17, 2016
I'm glad to see Federal investigators are looking into so-called "fake-news," and the role  it played in influencing voters opinions in the 2016 Presidential campaign.  I think investigators also need to research how Chatbots swayed public opinion.  BOTs are similar to apps. However, BOTs "think:" they're programmed using artificial intelligence in some cases. (Complete Beginner's Guide to Chatbots)  Here's a very simple explanation how they work. 
The above text is just part of the WBT July 24th BOT script.  If yout want to see the entire message, visit the WBT website, or download it here.

Here are a few key words and what I think they mean:

Frozen foods trying to get out maybe...Wal-Mart parking lot which they're allowed to park yen.
- I have no idea what the "yen," means... maybe insider trading... but the rest of it refers to a trucking company's illegal smuggling operation.

did not collude with Russia....Russian investigation... Kirschner is back behind closed doors tomorrow - This of course, is in reference to the on-going collusion investgation and Jared Kushner

Paul Bryant get red red get rid of McConnell....Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign --   Senator Mitch McConnell is trouble and Trump is the man.  The Bryant in this mish mash of words is NOT Bear Bryant--Paul Bryant Jr., Alabama investment banker.  Was Bryant pressuring Senator McConnell over the repeal of Obamacare?

gonna bloody Mary on Sunday - Likely to be a reference to last summer's Brexit issues/voting

Dimple. Who are speaking of dimple or smear is going to have a little press conference today at 445 before the City Council... Davidson on a Friday boomer and to Mars bomber struck visually visually blue respect the studios and olive aren't. --- This one is a little tough to figure out...  I did a search on shootings July 24th, the day this BOT talk was published, and I found several shooting incidents invovling police officers.  My guess is that these were planned shootings, created by law enforcment and government officials.  Olive is probably a reference to the military...  It may mean the officers involved in the bogus shootings will be sent off to the Mid-East, or that more military weapons money will be allocated for police and sheriffs' departments.

There is so much more in the above WBT BOT script... but as I stated, I don't have the time to research everything. 

I hope the the Senate Intelligence Committee will find that Chatbots contributed to fake news during last year's campaigning as members continue to look further into the fake news issue.  The President wants the perpetrators of fake news to be held responsible. 

As President Donald Trump calls on the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate so-called
                     "fake news," the panel's GOP chairman said Thursday that his investigation into Russian electoral
                      meddling could ultimately discredit some news outlets' reporting. Intelligence Committee
                      Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) stopped short of endorsing Trump's Thursday morning call for a
                      congressional investigation of the media.  But Burr did predict that the final product of his panel's
                      bipartisan inquiry into Moscow's disruption of the 2016 election would illustrate factual errors in
                      some media reports on the issue.
- Politico 10-5-2017

So, you have a BOT program/software on your cell phone.  Maybe you use it to find out about store sales, what's on television or what's happening in the news.  You type a few key words into the BOT program, and it searches for related information.  How do you know where that information is coming from ? How do you know who put the information out there ? And how do you know whether or not its corrrect.  Most people won't know if the information is correct, and that's part of the problem. BOT users want the details  quickly, and they aren't likely to  double-check the "facts."  BOTs are programmed by people who aren't always correct or legitimate.  Another problem: BOTs talk to one another and can skew or change the information you receive.

WBT AM radio in Charlotte has a BOT.  WBT is housed at WBTV television, managed by Raycom Media.   Below, is a sample of a WBT BOT text or code.   I've highlighted what I think are key words.  The text is full of references to current events:   Syria, Kushner, illegal alien deaths, Russian Collusion and House Investigative Committee.  There are more key words, but I really don't have the time to research them all.  (If you're willing to pay me the salary of a Federal investigator, I'll be happy to do the research since  I'm out of a job right now.  Even though I don't work for Raycom anymore, the employees there are still harrassing me.) If you read the script below, it looks like total nonsense.  However, a BOT could read this and make sense of it.
By the way, is WBT radio owned by a company in Minas Gerais, Brazil ?