Vogue September 1982

This issue contanis one of Gia's last
Vogue appearances.  I believe her very last Vogue photo is in a 1983 issue.

By the time some of these photos were taken, Gia was heavily back in to heroin.  But you'd never know it from her photographs; she could still turn it on for the camera.
Gia Carangi
Cover:  Isabella Rosellini
By Richard Avedon

(What a face!!!)
Gia for
Yves St. Tropic
Gia is WOW for
Frances Henaghan
Gia in a
Versace Groupage
Photo by Denis Piel
Photos by Andrea Blanch
Hair: Anthony DeMay
Makeup:  Anthony Dunn & Alberto Fava
Why there's the little
Honeybee herself!!!
Janice Dickinson on the right!!!!
Marilyn---One of
Gia's Idols
Fate or Irony? Revisited
You may recall that on one of the earlier Vogue pages, I made note of Meryl Streep and Bill
Styron appearing in the same Vogue since several years later, Streep would play a character in the screenplay of Styron's book,
"Sophie's Choice."    Here they are together in a group shot for the release of the movie.  If you haven't seen "Sophie's Choice,"  it's worth renting--a truly intense movie.