Cover:  Kim Alexis
John Stember

Vogue October 1979

Another great Vouge issue with
a lot of Gia.  This issue contains
the famous Paris Collections
layout photographed
by Denis PIel, including the photo
of Gia with the harlequin boys,
(plus a few other gems.)
Gia Carangi
The eyes have it !!!!
Chanel Creations
Chanel Creations
Arthur Elgort
My best shot at editing the
two pages together.

(I'll keep working on it.)
Tiny Gia
Stan Malinowski
Hair: Kerry Warn
Makeup: Sandy Linter
The photos for the Paris Collections were taken at the Hotel Meurice in Paris.  Hair is by John Sahag and
makeup by Alberto Fava.  Stephen Fried writes about this shoot in "Thing of Beauty, (paperback edition pp. 203, 204.)  Sahag recalls getting Gia ready to be photographed and Piel was being a bit of a control freak...after all, it was THE Paris Collections.  Piel kept complaining about Gia's hair  so Sahag threw fit and cursing, took Gia into the hotel bathroom.  Says Sahag, "Gia was on the bathroom floor laughing hysterically....She was just so pleased to see something like that..."
Hotel Meurice