Vogue May 1979

In this issue:  SUMMER SOLVED!  with photos from the infamous trip to Mexico as described in Fried's in the book, "Thing of Beauty."  As the story goes---Gia, Janice Dickinson and Patti Hansen were supposed to stay with the Governor of Cuernavaca.  When the governor left the premises, his machine gun wielding guards held photographer Mike Rheinhardt and the 3 models at gun point and wouldn't let them into the house.    Hair and makeup artist Rick Gillete had to sleep in a hammock by the pool.  Rheinhardt recalls that the trip, "degnerated from there."
Gia Carangi photos
Cover:  Michelle Stevens
by Stan Shaffer
Below:  Gia for Vogue Patterns.  Photos by Andrea Blanch
Will Janice dump that glass of wine on Gia?
What's Janice up to with
that tube of lotion?