Vogue October 1978

Here it is:  Gia's first "official" Vogue appearance.  I say "official" because I'm not so sure that this is the first Vogue Gia can be found in.  The issue contains the
"Color Is It!," layout which was played off of in the HBO bio-pic "Gia."   Photographer Stan Malinowski is also featured in this issue with his fabulous photos of Gia in furs.   The issue also contains photos of Gia by Andrea Blanch for Vogue Patterns.
All in all, a great magazine.
Gia Carangi
Color Is It!
Photo by Arthur Elgort
Hair:  Chris Fiaan
Makeup:  Way Bandy
Cover:  Michelle Stevens
By Arthur Elgort
Above and to the left:
Photos by
Stan Malinowski
Hair:  Marc Pipino

Makeup:  George Newell
Irony or Fate?

How bizarre is it that
Faye Dunaway appears in Gia's "official" Vogue magazine debut?  As most fans know, Dunaway played the role of Wilhelmina Cooper in the HBO movie, "Gia."
  Wilhelmina owned the agency that first signed Gia. 
I wonder if the two women ever met in real life per chance?  (It is, of course, sheer coincidence that Dunaway graduated from high school in the town where I live!!)
Gia for Vogue Patterns.  Photos by Andrea Blanch.