USA Freedom Act & Russia
Clinton Campaign Had Additional Signed Agreement With DNC In 2015
NPR 11.3.17
Hillary Clinton campaigns alongside former Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in August 2016. 
AP Photo
National Public Radio (NPR) recently reported that Democratic National Party (DNC) Chair Donna Brazile has  revealed a document that shows the DNC rigged the first 2016 Presidential primary in favor of candidate HIllary Clinton.   The document is the 2015 House Freedom Act.  It tells the story of the entire Russian campaign collusion plot.  Listen to the NPR story below.  I downloaded it just to have it on hand.  Please note that NPR may have edited the story after the fact.
If you read the document, pay close attention to the anachronisms (cronyism,) below:

UFA = USA Freedom Act = UFA City in Russia
HFA = House Fund Account
SFA = Senate Fund Account
JFA = J raised funds = Joint Fund Account (of the House and Senate)

Also of note:

Targeted = RFID Micro chipped victims being used by the NSA (in the video below at time code 1:40)
(incidentally, Raycom Media is now the NSA)

State Party = Russia Duma
So what we have here, is a plan by the Unted States and Russia to throw the 2016 Presidential election.  Take another look at the photo above.  Former DNC chair, Wasserman Schultz, does not look at all pleased with candidate Clinton.  I believe Wasserman Schultz found out about the scheme and was pushed out of her position. Clinton looks a little smug to me.  Here she thought the Presidency was hers.  But what actually happened, is that the JFA, SFA and HFA agreement turned the tables on her, and President Trump won the election using the HFA code, and a lot of hacking.

Why did this happen ?  Here are my thoughts:   Clinton wanted to be the first woman President,  but President Obama didn't want his "legacy" as a black man over-shadowed.  So, the Presidency was given to Trump.

There are most likely other clues in the UFA agreement, but I won't take the time to "de-code," them.

However, I will point out one more coded phrase, "Amicus Curiae."  "Amicus Curiae" refers to:  Friend of the Court, Five eyes and FISA section 702.  I found the clue on-line after searching the phrase, "JFA and The Freedom Act. "  The paper was published, in late 2015 by the "Washington Journal of Law Technology & Arts.  It's called, "The Limits of the Freedom Acts - Amicus Curiae - Chad Squitieri."  It deals with surveillance technologies.  I then searched "Chad Squitieri."  That, led me to a list of home sale transactions, published by the Washington Post in late 2015.  I'm 100-percent sure the listings are coded campaign contributions. 

Here's one listing:

Newton St., 1715-Mark Kushnir to Dena M. Roth and Rivka H. Friedman, $855,000.

I, and others at the new NSA headquarters, Raycom Media, have all been used and severely mistreated through the use of our RFID chips in order to carry out this Amicus plot to select Donald Trump as President.  I think a lawsuit is in order.  Who will represent me and my friends at Ayrsley in court ?