Mark David Chapman and 303
If you're loking for John Lennon's killer, ask the people at Stone Ridge Apartments building 2411 Sandy River Lane, unit 303. 
The unit is right above me.  Chapman, aka Whitey.2, has been colluding with one of the guys that goes in and out of there,
to, "keep an eye," on me.   

I had been noticing that my computer was slow when I was on-line.  I figured out from the sound of the
footsteps up there, that they were hi-jacking my internet connection.  When I got on-line, I would hear somebody
walking over-head.... and then my speed would slow significantly. 

There are no free rides people.  If you want to play, you have to pay.

I called the local cable company to find out if they could to tell whether or not somebody was using my connection.
The technician said no, but that the unit might be using my wi-fi...  so he turned if off at the source.  It did the trick and
my internet is back up to speed.  You should have heard the stomping upstairs the next day when somebody
figured out they had been cut off.

So he's up there listening to me now and talking with Chapman.

Below is the door with the unit number and the name.  I don't know if that's an alias or now.  But that's the name on the door.  Maybe he'll leave me alone after this post. 

I'm tired of this folks.  You need to knock it off.  I never did a freaking thing to anyone.  I'm being targeted by a
bunch of thugs, and killer Mark David Chapman for absolutely no reason. 

I wonder if the upstairs unit knows Tasos Tsolakis, formerly of Iron Mountain Inc., the CIA front... Tsolakis set me up.