President Trump and Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, are making amends.  The two leaders held a news conference today in the White House Rose Garden.  During last year's Presidential campaign, Tsipras said he had no confidence in a Trump Presidency.  Tsipras has toned down the rhetoric and the two men are now discussing common interests including trade, defense and economic interests. 

There had to be have been some level of cooperation between the two before the meeting at the White House; the United States now has alleged Russian Bitcoin scammer, Alexander Vinnik. A report this month from the Washington Times says Vinnick is in Greece after being taken into custody this past summer.  But Vinnik is not in Greece, he's at The Square in Ayrsley.  I saw him outside in the courtyard at least a half-a-dozen times in August and September.    Here's an excerpt from the
Washington Times story dated October 8th:

                  "The alleged Russian mastermind of a $4 billion digital money laundering scheme sits in an Athens prison cell as
                   Washington and Moscow
“fight over his brain,” according to international illicit finance analysts.

                   In July, a joint U.S.-Interpol task force arrested Alexander Vinnik in a remote Greek beachside village, but the man
                   suspected of being the world’s highest-profile financial cybercriminal has denied all charges against him...."

Brains are commodities at The Square in Ayrsley.  I know... mine has been studied and I've been put through all sorts of hell by researchers with MIT, Duke University and Advanced Brain Monitoring. I'm not sure if they're still studying me, but it wouldn't surprise me if they are....They can do this because I have RFID micro-chips just underneath the skin of my scalp.  And no, I can't just cut them out. 

These so-called researchers try to manipulate neurological functions.  This is likely what's happening to Vinnik while he's at The Square.   They'll also attempt to "reach into his head" and pull out any secrets he may know about the Russian Government. 

Vinnik is in the photo below.  He's being led by two "men," who work in Digital at Raycom Media. 
It's odd that the FBI has Vinnik's photo on its Most Wanted List.  The Bureau gave him a different name, but it's him.  The FBI image of Vinnik is on the left; it's been edited so that his face is wider.  On the right, is the same photo; I changed the proportions a bit so that it's more realistic.  I didn't want to give him a shaved head... too much effort.  
Mr. Putin, if you want Vinnik back, you better hurry up and get him.  I'll be happy to accompany him to Cuba.
Trump, Tsipras and Vinnik