Gia - Trafficking Messages
Vogue Italia February 1982 - photo Renato Grignaschi
I've been posting on and off about hidden messages in magazines.... Particularly in fashion magazines.  Please take a look at my posts: Fashion Espionage  German Stasi and Vogue and Spy Games.  Fashion has been used to play war garmes at least since the 1930s and 40s.

Most fans realize Gia was used up by the fashion industry.  It used her up until she was no longer profitable.   Most editors, stylists and photographers knew Gia was addicted to heroin... maybe certain people tried to help her, but they still used her when she was shooting up.  It's even more disturbing to know that spy organizations and other groups throughout the world have used Gia's images to send messages about trafficking, assasinations, terrorist plots and war strategies.

The cover above is an example of a hidden/coded message.  Really, this one isn't all that hidden.
"Viaggio in Kenia con la Nuova Moda Kaki."  Translated = Travel in Kenya with the new khaki fashions.

The message is:  Drug/Animal/Human trafficking in Kenya (safari expeditions.) 

Trafficking in Kenya and most African countries has been standard practice since colonial days.  Worldwide, criminals make about 150-Billion-dollars a year exploting people who are poor, hungry and who have no place to call home.

I think Gia would be pissed about her images being used to promote criminal activities.

It's almost unbelievable that Gia was so used.   But, it happened, and it's still taking place. 

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