Meet the new spokesperson for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, former NSA Director, General Michael Hayden
I left "The Square," at Ayrsley in Charlotte, North Carolina in December.  If you've read some of my posts, you probably know, "The Square," is home to Raycom Media and an NSA, FBI and CIA terrorist training center (McPerpetrator)  I was glad to go, but somehow, I ended up at a super secret NSA center in Jacksonville, Florida.  Funny right ?  NOT.
The site is called CoLo5.  It's Operated by Cologix, "...a colocation and disaster recovery provider."  CoLo5 can withstand a category five hurricane.  It's home to several financial organizations, a lot of locked doors, and ,  the DCA-BOS traffic hub, (Digital-Convergence-Alliance - Broadcast Operations Center,) for nearly a dozen Public Television Stations. The DCA BOS received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to plan the the hub's technical operations.

So, I applied for a traffic position at the DCA traffic hub and was hired.   It happened quickly... too quicky.  I was suspicious of the job and the location.  But I took the position anyway and hoped for the best.   After a few days, I started to become more suspicious of what goes on at CoLo5.  Especially after I saw that CoLo5 is also home to a NOC office.  NOC, stands for, "Naval Operations Center." 
I had hoped the NOC office had moved and that someone just forgot to take down the sign.  Nope.  I started seeing military type people in the hallways on my way out to the smoking area.  One day I saw the backside of General Hayden in the hallway.  And twice, I saw Maj. Gen. Laurie Hummel in the building.  Hummel has had a huge military career and served in Korea on the DMV and is now stationed in Alaska, where she works with the Department of Military and Veterans Afairs.  (By the way, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks now operates the HAARP facility.  Up until 2014, the  US Military operated the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

I started working at the DCA traffic hub in January.  I'm not working there any more.  That's because the same obnoxious gang banging, or corporate stalking, that was taking place at Raycom Media in Ayrsley, started happening to me at the DCA.  I began noticing "suspicious" looking people carring little blue gang-bang bags and the people I worked with directly, were involved in some sort of subterfuge to try and distract me from doing my job.  I'm sure they were being told to do so.  Then people started following me around the neighborhood where I live... guys on bikes, men in white trucks and even a
PINK Cadillac Escolade.  I decided I wasn't going to put myself through the B.S. again.  And I didn't want the people I worked with to be forced into harrassing me.   Unfortunately, people are still following me and harrassing me at home.  And yes, Whitey is still annoying me.

If any of you listened to NPR's coverage of the Kim-Trump summit, you may have noticed that NPR's coverage was flawed.  Not the actual reporting, but the signal and the reporters and anchor's deliveries were less than stellar:  satellite interruptions, bad edits and nevousness. 
My educated guess is that NPR was hooked up to Korea via CoLo5 and the NSA was there screwing with the signal and the reports.

So much for the Free Press.

(Incidentally, I saw Rie Butler with Raycom Media walking on the sidewalk in front of Colo5 one day... and former Raycom employee Andrew Baker near the facility. What does this tell you ?  Wooly Bully)

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