St. Patrick's Missing Cornerstone
Jump's Around

Tsolakis has dressed in drag at least once before.   The photo below was taken at Studio 54, by Todpapageorge, (likely to be a relative of President Trump's former Former Foreign Policy advisor, George Papadopolous.  Tsolakis is on the
right, holding the fan with the image of Christ.  
You might be wondering what all this has to do with St. Patrick's missing cornerstone.  Tsolakis, a Greek immigrant, has an obsession with the Kennedy family legacy and is trying to create his own legacy.  But I think he's gotten a little carried away and has resorted to sick and criminal activities to fulfill his "American Dream."  Tsolakis once worked for Iron Mountain Inc., a CIA front.  Iron Mountain is a storage company that was given the priviledge by the JFK Library and Museum to create a JFK digital archive.  It holds photos, documents and other media.  Iron Mountain did so with the help of the National Archives and the JFK Foundation.   That fed Tsolakis's obsession with the family. (The Kennedys are Irish immigrants.)

Tsolakis knows where the cornerstone of the St. Patrick's Cathedral is located.  Most of the information I've found says it was last seen around 1860.  But I think the cornerstone was at the site later than that, and, that it may have been in the area at the time of the cathedral's restoration.  (The restoration of the St. Pat's was announced on March 17, 2012 and the work finished in 2015.)  The cornerstone might have been moved during the confusion after the bombing of the Twin Towers in 2001.  I'd be willing to bet that it was there at the time of the attacks, hidden in plain view and nobody noticed it.  Or, the stone could have been stored in the basement of Building 7 at the World Trade Center.  (Building 7 was home to the CIA and Secret Service. 
Also, a vault at the JP Morgan Chase bank branch, located in Building 5, is said to have held about 40,000 negatives that were produced by the late President's personal photographer.)

I haven't been able to find the exact dimensions of the cornerstone. But as you can see from the photo below, it would've been huge.
Find the missing cornerstone of St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan.   There are a couple of clues in the above House of Pain video, "Jump Around."  The first clue is near the end of the video.  The old lady wearing the hat and glasses is one.  The man wearing glasses sitting below and to the right of "Herself" is another clue.   The woman is Tasos Tsolakis. The younger man is his son.
In order to move the cornerstone, someone would need to cut it into pieces.  My gut tells me that some of  it went to Tsolakis's home located at 3800 Jefferson Boulevard in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The pieces are probably being used as a table top and for steps leading up to the front door.

Another piece of the cornerstone could be at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Philadelphia.  (Incidentally, Pennsylvania is known as the, "Keystone State." A keystone holds up an arch.  Some would argue that Philadelphia is the Arch of Democracy since the Declaration of Independence was written there.  I say Indepence is at the base however, and that is in Boston, the home of old money and Beacon Hill, and the Kennedys.)

Another chunk of the stone may be at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick s in Charlotte, home of the
mini Grove and the Square at Ayrsley.   

It could also be that another block of the cornerstone was taken to County Cork in Ireland, and carved into a Gargoyle for the St.  Finn Barre Cathedral restoration project.  Restoration was completed several years ago.  Incidentally, Ireland is home to some of the world's finest marble in Connemara.  (Connemara means:  'Inlets of the Sea.'  I haven't been able to find it documented, but I think St. Pat's in Manahattan was partly constructed of Connemara marble.)

St.  Finn's is a monument to the protestant church in the middle of Catholic, County Cork.  It's plausible that a block was sent there, since JFK was the first Catholic US President.  Kennedy did not mix politics with religion.  However his detractors called attention to his faith and the block/gargoyle would be an antogonistic symbol.

It pains me to write this, but the Gargoyle is also a symbol of the so-called Illuminati... A secret society that many political figures don't like to acknowledge. The Illuminatis, or Dimmeratis as I like to call them, meet at mini Groves throughout the United States.   Being a bit of a history buff, and having done the research, I've found that elitist Illuminati members want to White-wash the history of this country.   They have forgotten we are a nation of immigrants.
  Is this deliberate ?  You need to answer that question for yourselves.
St. Finn's Cathedral, Cork City
St. Pat's Cathedral Manhattan
My family coat of Arms