Mr. Mueller, do you know the man sitting in the lower left in the photo below?  I'm not sure that you do know him.  I believe the photo has been edited to you in.  The man is likely to be an "asset," associated with, "The Square," here in Ayrsley. He was at the cigarette store on Sunday, Oct. 28th, 2017 when I was there.   He greatly resembles other people I've identified in my posts. 
Another "asset," with Former FBI Director Mueller- 6.17.17  
Police officer, Matthew Gerald, reportedly shot to death in Baton Rouge last July.
Police Department Chief John Mina at a news conference following the Orlando Pulse nightlub shooting, June 2016
The man in the 2nd photo with Mueller, Officer Gerald, and Orlando chief Mina, are likely to be the same person.  If not, they are 3 people who are similar in appearance, (twins/triplets/clones.)  I think it's the former.
The police shootings were false flag events. 

A sick joke is being played on citizens.  Taxpayer money is circular:  false flag events are committed, the public is fooled into thinking more funds are needed to, "militarize," law enforcement agencies.  In turn, defense contractors and weapons manufacturers churn out the goods to coninuously feed the machine.
The Machine at The Square