William McNulty Team Rubicon, Former Marine Intelligence Officer  (I've seen him and a Team Rubicon vehicle at The Square.)
FBI Mugshot
Team Rubicon
The man on the left is William McNulty.  McNulty is with the Rubicon Disaster recovery and fund raising organization made up of veterans.  McNulty was in the Marines.  But the FBI's Most Wanted List, says he's terrorist, Ahmad Abousamra.  I hope the FBI hasn't made a mistake.

If the FBI photo is not a mistake, it would make it easy to hide a financial scam.  If anyone witnessed the crime during a natural disaster clean-up effort and reported it to law enforcement agencies, officials can say, "Thanks.  He's a terrorist.  If he's brought to trial and found guilty, we'll give you a call and you might have some reward money coming to you."

If I'm correct, this means some of the people I've been identifying are committing crimes in conjunction with the FBI and other agencies.  In some cases, the "criminals," I've posted about are involved in financial scams and have reportedly gotten away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Where would that "stolen," money go? 

Team Rubicon has raised nearly 2-Million-dollars for its Hurricane Harvey Campaign, and another $50,000 for it's  Harvey,
"Drama Alert News Team."  That's a lot of money.  I hope it goes were it's needed.

Former four-star General, David Petraeus is a volunteer with Rubicon.  He says the help organization assists veterans with reintegration after having served in battle, while they build a sense of community in the
wake of natural disasters.  
(Huffington Post)
It's too bad someone hacked the Rubicon Drama Alert News  Fundraising page.