Dear Senator Richard Burr,

I read that the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the Russian campaign collusion question is open ended.
(NPR)   It's too bad the situation is such a mess.  I hope you can separate fact from fiction.

I'm glad you're looking at the so-called, "fake news," issue  and how it may have contributed to public opinion about the 2016 Presidentialal candidates. 
(CNN)  Also, I agree with President Trump; it would be helpful to know if any U.S. media outlets put out false information.  It could be that some fake news items were "planted," by U.S. Intelligence in other countries... and then wound up being published/broadcast in this country.  In 1975, The Church Committee had to separate fact from fiction when it investigated the intelligence community following the Watergate debacle.  Committee Chair Frank Church and other members found that the CIA was responsible for spreading false information:

Senator Burr, as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, you have a tough job.  I hope you are able to separate fact from fiction before the collusion investigation wraps up.    I wish you had spoken with me when you were here at, "The Square" in Ayrsley about a month and a half ago.  It was just a few days before Houston got hit by hurricanes.  It was a funny day wasn't it ?  You were at Raycom Media, talking on your cell phone.  You looked right at me and laughed.   I'm guessing you were questioning people as part of the Intelligence Community Assessment, (ICA.)  I might've been able to point you to a few people; I've been separating fact from fiction here for over a year now. 

Senator, who is sitting behind you in the photo below dated March 2017 ?  He looks a lot like Bill Owens,  former HealthSouth Corproration CFO. 
You may know that Owens played a part in a 2.7-billion-dollar scam at HealthCare.   He was released from prison in 2010.  If that's Owens, you must trust him to be sitting in on intelligence committee meetings. 
Do you know who Owens reminds me of ?  The late Johnny Ramone.  Crazy isn't... but after the things I've seen here at, "The Square," with all the CIA and NSA assets running around, I don't think I'm that far off the mark.

Somebody is playing taxpayers for fools. 

Even if this is not Ramone, the man sitting behind you most likely is Bill Owens.  Don't you think the public should be told  where corporate scam artists go... to work for the Federal Government ?
  I certainly think so.  People will be upset, but they'll likely get over it.  After all, FBI informant Rick Scott was elected Governor of Florida 2010.  Scott was caught up in a Columbia/HCA fraud and kick-back case.
RIP Johnny Ramone
Church Committee:
CIA Planted Fake News