Section 702 of the, "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, is set to expire at the end of year.  Section 702 allows U.S. Intelligence agencies to sift through emails and listen in on phone calls of U.S. citizens in an effort to watch foreigners living outside the United States.  Critics say 702  jeopardizes U.S. privacy rights.   However, officials with the National Security Agency, say citizens' private information, is protected under 702 provisions and that the identity of any person who gets caught up in the targeting of would-be foreign terroritsts, is hidden, or masked.  Intelligence agencies want Congress to renew 702 and make it permanent.

Recently, former National Security advisor Michael Flynn was "unmasked."  Flynn resigned from his post in February of this year.  Flynn had been questioned about telephone conversations he had during President Trump's transition period with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and other Russian officials.   Flynn reportedly told officials his conversations were "not substantive."  But he later, resigned saying he had not told the entire truth about the calls.

" The F.B.I. had been examining Mr. Flynnís phone calls as he came under growing questions about his interactions with Russian officials and his management of the National Security Council. The blackmail risk envisioned by the Justice Department would have stemmed directly from Mr. Flynnís attempt to cover his tracks with his bosses. The Russians knew what had been said on the call; thus, if they wanted Mr. Flynn to do something, they could have threatened to expose the lie if he refused. "  (The New York Times)

During a June Senate Judiciary Hearing on Section 702, South Carolina Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham, questioned Intelligence Attorney, Stuart Evans and the NSA's Paul F. Morris.  Graham wanted to know how the press found out the intelligence community was following Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, and whether he, Senator Graham, could also be unmasked, as has been done to hundreds of U.S. citizens:
Well, Senator Graham, the truth is, no warrant or Section 702 provision, will protect any of us from being unmasked or spied upon.  That's because the "Intelligence Community," collects RFID micro-chip signals.  Mr. Paul F. Morris, here at The Square in Ayrsley, has access to everyone's signals.  I occassionally see him outside in the courtyard walking around reading papers.  (I hope he's not walking around with your private information.)   Please consider that my old friend, "Whitey," the so-called Dream Detective has access to these signals and is skimming info and selling it to anyone who will buy it.  (Whitey's the guy who has been harrassing me for 5 years using my RFID signal.)

Here's a list of micro-chip identifiation numbers for some of the people involved the Russian Collusion Unmasking mess:

lavrov 23444 10.0565090236185 - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
sergey 37425 10.056509023618  - Sergey Kislyak Russian Ambassador ?
graham 16560 5.66205986894609 - Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham? or Lindsey Graham
lindsey 24054 7.41745169400327 - Lindsey Graham if the above number is not his
trump 42724 8.26474955439047 - President Trump

So, amend or gut section 702 of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  It really doesn't matter either way.... As long as people are micro-chipped and their chip IDs and signals are available, no one's privacy is safe.

Section 702 & RFID Signals