Below:  the shorter, bald man on the left was recently at The Square in Ayrsley.  I saw him
last Thursday and Friday.  He most likely helped to plan the "event," in Las Vegas. 
The Mandalay Bay shooting happened Sunday October 2nd.  Take a look below at the article, dated Septmber 23rd.  It features the September/October Playboy Playmate.  She's from Las Vegas and is featured "Center Stage," in Playboy's latest music issue, (on the right.)
Woolly Bully
Below is a BBC map of the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas.

Mandalay is a region in Myanmar
Las Vegas Strip = Gaza Strip
Pyramid = Egypt

To the left, is another Linter post from Seteptember 28th.   It's a Helmut Newton photo of Elsa Peretti wearing a Playboy "uniform." I just happened to do a search on "Peretti, Newton and Playboy," and pulled up the Vanity Fair article:
Elsa Peretti’s Great Escape. 

At the time of the interview, Peretti was living in Catalonia, near Barcelona.  The two cities are in the news due to a recent "terrorist" attack and a controversial referendum. 
Below are likenesses of four young men reported to be members of the terrorist cell repsonsible for the Barcelona attack in August.   They aren't terrorists, and they aren't dead.  I saw at least two of the boys at The Square in Ayrsley before and after attack.  The photos/computer images have been edited so that most people would not be able to identify them.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I recognize them. 
It looks as though the "Woman in Pink" may have been in Las Vegas this past weekend.  The pale, pink purse/bag laying in the street was photographed after Sunday night's shootings during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.    Recently, I posted about the London Tube bombing and the Woman in Pink.  I'm really not sure that the Woman in Pink was in Las Vegas during the Mandalay Bay music event, but I believe the shootings and the Tube attack are false flag events, and can be connected. 
Singer-Songwwriter, Halsey on the cover of Playboy.
Halsey's looks reminds me of another singer,  Pink.
Make-up artist, Sandy Linter, was playing with pink in mid-September.   The Tweet below links to the London Tube bombing and now the Las Vegas shooting.  The key phrase is, "playing with pink." It references the Route 91 Festival and the pink Playboy theme.  The pink bag in the photo signals a hand-off from the Tube Bombing architects to the Las Vegas organizers.  (The rest of the clues reference the London bombing.)
The Peretti Playboy post was supposed to be in honor of the late Hugh Hefner who died September 27th. 

September 27th happens to be the founding anniversary date of Myanmar's  Democratic National Party. 
The party was founded by Aung San Suyu Kyi, shown to the right.  Myanmar's de-facto leader has been criticized for not speaking out enough against the military and the ethnic cleansing of minority Muslims in the country's Rohingya region.  It was just announced that Suu Kyi will be stripped of her 1997 Freedom of Oxford Medal because of her relative silence over the issue.  The Medal was awarded to her for her work in promoting Democracy, as was the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

On September 28th, the date of Linter's post,
Israel's Haaertz reports that a bomb went off at the Myanmar embassy in Egypt.  And on Sunday October 2nd, the day of the Las Vegas shootings, an Egyptian delegation visited the Gaza Strip to help negotiate Palestinian political reunification efforts.  Other news outlets in the Middle East have reported the same.  
I think the message in the map is delberate.  I don't know if anyone at the BBC is directly responsibe for it, but the diagram connects  the events of September 28th in the Middle-East and may signal what's to come for Myanmar:  Rohingya will become much like the Gaza Strip with insurgents fighting Muslims in the region.

Myanmar is not all that far from North Korea.  It's interesting to note that a recent United Nations report says Egypt bought weapons worth 23-million-dollars from North Korea.  Egypt denies it.  But if the report is correct, North Korea has just become a world player. 

Did you know that Raytheon, the defense contractor, supports a military communications facility in South Korea ? 
It's called Raycom, Inc..

Speaking of Raycom, I'm sure The Square at Ayrsley is a Federal False Flag center.  Based on what I've seen, it's also a center for CIA assets, the NSA and the FBI.  The U.S. Departments of Justice and Corrections also fund, "rehabilitation," programs there.  I'm not sure that the way to rehabilitate people is by sending them out to commit crimes, aka, false flag events.  Somehow, it just doesn't seem right. 

The photos below are from the Las Vegas shooting.  The woman on the right in the back, is Rosemary Kearns on Facebook.   At Raycom Media she goes by a different name.  (Sorry about the quality of the images.)
The "suspects" can be seen at the moment of the attack in a video from the Barcelona Sex Museum CCTV system. Back to Playboy, there's a life-sized statue of Marilyn Monroe on the balcony of the Sex Museum.  Monroe was Hefner's first Playboy centerfold. 
I don't know how the Federal Government can justify using people like this.  And I don't know how Sandy Linter can put out attack clues and maintain her self-esteem.  I'm trying to deal with this the only way I know how:  by writing and keeping a sense of humor about the stupidity of it all.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas drawing - Ralph Steadman
Miss Mason Dixon ?
Pink Las Vegas
Sandy Linter, no aomount of make-up can cover up your shit.