Gia - Peppone's Beauty
Bazaar Italia September 1978
Ritratti D'alta Moda - Portraits of the Alta Moda

Those of you who have read Stephen Fried's biography about Gia,
"Thing of Beauty," may recall the name, Guiseppe Della Schiava.  Peppone/Pepponi was the publisher of Bazaar Italia.  On Gia's first trip to Italy in the summer of 1978, Peppone rented out the Grand Hotel in Milan for the Alta Moda.  Many of the photos that appear in the September issue of Bazaar Italia, were taken at The Grand Hotel, including the photo above.  It's  part of the "Ritratti D'alta Moda," feature, highlighting the "girls," of the high fashion event.   Rittratti included 11 models, with a description of their personalities.  Here's Gia's:

Gia Carangi, agressiva e perfetta, preferisce soluzioni che non nascondano niente della sua bellezza, che la mettano in evidenza sensa messi termini.  Nell' immagine, ancora un momenta della sera di Milena Francesio in tessuto Boileau.

Rough translation:  Gia:  She's agressive and perfect.  She pefers to be in the open and hides nothing, as evidenced in this photo... a sensual beauty.  Now, imagine yourself as Gia, dream of being Gia... if you wear the clothes, you can be her. 

I'm sure that Peppone had his eyes on Gia during Alta Moda.  Whether or not the two actually got together in Milan, is unknown to most of us.  But imagine if Peppone was the one expressing his feelings for Gia in the above description:  Gia, you are perfect and aggressive, I dream of being with you, and the "sensual," night we would spend together...  I love how you are so open and honest....