Paradise Papers v
Princess Papers
For those of you investigating the so-called, "Paradise Papers," and rounding up people here and there, you should try investigating the, "Princess Papers."  You will find a map of names associated with hidden money in off-shore banking schemes.  I was doing some research on line, and accidentally typed in "Princess Papers."  That led me to a video game, which in turn led me to the website, "Offshore Leaks Data Base."  I think some reporters have found this site.  Why not name everyone involved ?  I have the time to name everyone, but I'm too busy chasing other leads.  Besides, I'm not being paid for my work. Unfortunatley, one does need $$ to survive.  But I guess you won't pay me if I'm uncovering the clues/people.  Tasos Tsolakis needs to give back the money he stole from me.

I will name Raycom Media/Raytheon defense contractor (RR) as one of the off-shore culprits. 
In the map below, you will see Hematite Investments listed.  That is RR.  The Emerald Hollow Mine is in the small town of Hiddenite, a little over an hour's drive north of Charlotte.  There you will find many rare earth minerals including Amethyst Hematite, Beryllium, Diamonds, Emerald (hiddenite), Gold and Rubies.
If you have not yet seen the Panamaa Papers with coded names, you can find it on the  Offshore Leaks Databse. Or you can download them here.  Because I downloaded he papers today, 11.8.2017. 

I suspect there are other clues in the game, "Paper Mario."