Ahmad Khan Rahimi Not Guilty
Today a jury found Ahmad Khan Rahim guilty of a series of bombing ins the North East last September.  He's not guilty.  A group of 4 blonds is esponsible for the "terrorist attacks."  The signal for the attacks was given by a member of Sandy Linter's "Heart and Soul FaceBook" group.  In fact, the person who gave that signal was caught trying to break into my apartment by climbing up a ladder, hopping onto the patio and entering through the back-door... I had the door blocked. 

Not that anyone will do this, but someone needs to find the original closed captioning video from September. If the video hasn't been edited, you will see the blonds walking down the street, one of them with a large shopping bag. Then there's an explosion once they are off camera. Then you see them again, running back down the sidewalk... not out of fear, but more of a "Get the hell out of here before someone sees us," type of run.

Below is Margaret Anne Serpe's reply to a post of mine on Heart and Soul.  I assure you, my post was totally innocent.  In no way, did I ever imagine some RFID chipped asset would use it to help commit false flag bombings.  (I whited out Serpe's name the first time I posted this... but after she tried to break into my apartment, I decided she needed to be outed.
Here's a link to an old news story so that you can see the dates of the bombings.  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37406887

People who are paying attantion to my posts will know that I have watched "criminals" come and go from The Square in Ayrsley.
Mr.  Rahimi was moving into my apartment complex a day or two after the "attacks."  He was walking his dog, and when he saw me, he ducked and headed in the opposite direction.  I don't know if he still lives here.  Then Mr. Rahimi was at Raycom Media, doing something with the receptionist.  A few weeks later, I saw him unloading restaurant food supplies from a truck at The Square.
(There are several restaurants in the area, all with bad food.)

How much money will law enforcement agencies in New Jersey and New York be receiving now to fight so-called lone-wolf incidents.  How much money will it take to militarize police and sheriffs departments after September's false flag events.  Isn't this what it's all about ?

This is sickening.