Photo:  Brenda Ray Coffee


Dear Mr. Robert Mueller,

If you are looking for more information concerning your investigation into the possible collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump Campaign, you might want to speak with Brenda Ray Coffee.  She's got a blog called 1010 Park Place and gives out coded communications in her posts.  I've been watching 1010 Park Place on and off since last fall; there's no doubt in my mind that the woman is a CIA asset.  It may seem a little whacked, but you know as well as I, that some magazines, movies amd music videos contain hidden messages.  Now, the bloggers are getting in on it.  (By the way, I'm not giving out coded anything:  I say what I mean and mean what I say.)

Please take a look at the photo below.  It's from a Brenda Ray Coffee post dated 9.16.2016. 
There are several messages.
Message One - Political

Star doily on the bureau = Uncle Sam:  I'm doing this for the country
Mini Bureau or armoire = FBI Diretor Comey or
a fake News Outlet at The Square in Ayrsley, NC.
Stevie Nicks photo = reference to 2 small crystal clocks
(Nicks greatest hits CD called, "Crystal Visions")
Time on the clocks:
         10:09 = Date of the 2nd Presidential Debate
         6:15 = Aproximate date Guccifer claims responsibility for the DNC hack
                   later, Guccifer 2.0 downloads the info and posts
                   to various sites
Nicks may also be a reference to Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix
                   The company targets voters based on their psychological profiles and was
                   hired by the Trump campaign team
Mirror and candles = Sends a message to someone at The Square to copy
                  Guccifer's information and call themselves Guccifer 2.0

(info from the hack was released by Wikileaks right before the
Democratic National Convention. Comey re-opens an investigation
right before the Presidential Election.  In the first "investigation," Comey stated
Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong but was careless.)

You have a tough job Mr. Mueller.  I hope you can sort through all the deliberate B.S.
and find the truth.   I hope you will speak with Brenda Ray Coffee and Hillary Clinton's IT guy
Paul Combetta; they might be able to help you get to the truth.  I don't know Combetta's number,
but I think this is BRC's RFID number:
coffee 8363 5.00665301636899

When you have time, please take a look at the second message hidden in the
above photo. 

Message Two:  BRC is likely to be running a Lonely Hearts Club network
using her blog and FaceBook.

Stevie Nicks photo = reference to Dixie Mafia King, King Kirksey McCord Nix (jr.)
             Nix was reportedly locked up at Angola State Prison in Louisiana while a lonely hearts club scam
             iInvolving gay men was taking place.  That money may have been used to fund political campaigns.
             (FBI History)
Blue light in lower left of Stevie Nicks photo:  references the porn industry and a Lonely Hearts Club extortion scam.

Guccifer on The Pirate Bay