Who is Steven Mnuchin ?

Secretary Mnuchin and President Trump at news conference  on Tuesday August 15th
Why is Steven Mnuchin Secretary of the Department of the Treasury ?  He's the guy who got caught up in the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme.  Also, President Trump reportedly sued Mnuchin and other lenders who financed the construction of Trump Towers.  WTF ?   You can read more about Secretary Mnuchin on the BBC website.  (Additionally, It's interesting to note that Mnuchin and his brother Alan worked with Goldman Sachs for a number of years.)

Does anyone know whether or not one of the Mnuchin boys was a model.  Please see the photos below... sorry for the quality.  The male model looks a lot like a Mnuchin brother.   Humm... 

I found the image on the left on the S. Britt website last summer.   S. Britt is the artist who created the Otter Pops characters.  Britt confirmed it in an email.   I think Britt probably used an image that resembles Mnuchin on purprose.  Maybe Britt got burned by Goldman Sachs.  I don't know.  

I looked around S. Britt's website, and I found the map below.  It looks like it might hold clues about Osama bin Laden's base camp.   Look  closely, and you'll see "Base B,"... a computer desk with an image that resembles bin Laden.  You'll also find a cannister of what looks to be like poison.   
Humm... I just looked at this map/drawing the other night, and, lo and behold, there were reports in the news today about  gas attacks in Syria this year.   This is serious.   Whoever is spying me is using whatever I look at and read as a way to give clues to the press.   Is it Whitey?  (aka the Dream Detective.)  Probably.  He's probably passing clues to people trying to make a buck.  I suggest somebody get rid of him, cut off my RFID signal, or send him out to a Unite the Right rally, and have him run over.  Do something.  The guy is a pervert and he's passing information to people including, Thomas A Drake, the so-called NSA whistle-blower, who was one of the people who attacked me in Tallahassee in 2012.  What a farce.  Ths is a big dog and pony show.

By the way, Secretary Mnuchin is credited with having produced some 34 films, including Wonder Woman.  One of the characters is a Turkish worker played by Jag Patel.  Is he a member of the
Patel family that got caught last fall running an extortion scam ? A few of the Patels live in the same apartment complex near me.   (There's also a 2014 movie called, "Meet The Patels," but Mnuchin didn't produce it.)