Kuwait, Qatar and the Maltese Journalist
I understand the FBI is helping to investigate the murder of Maltese Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.  As some of you know, the 53-year old was blown up as she drove away from her home this week.  According to reports, Galizia was just a few miles down the road when the explosion occurred.  It's likely the Peugeot 108 detonated when plastics were set off by a "remote signal." 

This could have been accomplished using RFID signals.  The Peugeot 108 is "loaded," with GPS, Google's mapping system and more.  There are two different RFID Chip Identification numbers associated with
Peugeots on a list kept by MIT:

peugeot 31858 8.67021466249864
peugot 31859 9.36336184305859

The bomb could have been triggered by somone using a cell phone and one of the numbers above, or by tying into the car's computer system.  It's possible a spark generated by any chip on the vehicle could have ignited the plastics explosive underneath the Peugeot.

At any rate, the mystery is now:  Who did it?

Please look at the relationship between Kuwait, Qatar and Malta. 

Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had sued Caruana Galizia over her reporting on the Panama Papers, which exposed off-shore tax shelters in the Caribbean.  She allegedly tied Muscat to the Panama Papers and hidden money.  I don't know if she implicated Muscat or not; I've never read any of her reporting.  In spite of that, the Prime Minister earlier this week called for the investigation into the murder of the journalist. 

I believe the person who detonated the car, was at the Kuwait International airport and went to the Caribbean where hurricane recovery efforts are underway.  It's interesting to note that the area
has been called, 
“Dubai in the Caribbean."

It's also interesting to note that Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani met with  Kuwaiti officials yesterday, Thursday the 20th. 
(I may be a bit off on the date due to time zone differences.)

I'm not sure of the motive for the murder.  But it may have something to do with Qatar being shut out economically by the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia... European Union tensions, and Caruana Galizia's reporting.

This one's for you Daphne. 
Please note the license tag on the car above and Kuwait's airport lounge abbreviation below.
Daphne Caruana Galizia