Bye Bye Hef
Playboy creator Hugh Hefner died this week.  He was 91.  Hefner's Playboy is credted with changing the way people think about sex.  The public radio program, Fresh Air, remembered the businessman with an excerpt from a 1999 interview: 
While Hefner is gone, copies of his magazines live on, in attics, closets and bathrooms.

Did you know that photographer Stan Malinowski worked for Playboy for a number of years ?  (Malinowski, took many beautiful photos of Gia during her career. Imagine Gia in Playboy.)  In 2015, Malinowski spoke about his background in an article for,
"Models Against Addictions."

"...Having grown up in Chicago, Playboy seemed a natural fit for the budding photographer. I brought some slides to Playboy, asked if I could return to show more and a month later walked away with my first assignment.

Malinowski took the cover photo below of model Barbara Reeves.
"Care to Acces my RFID Chip ?"
I never liked Playboy much, but I did like the cartoons.