London Pink Tube Bombing
Two supsects reportedly have been arrested in last Friday's London Tube bombing attack.  I think authorities also may have a third suspect in the explosion that injured nearly 30 people.  And I think the third suspect is the woman in pink below.
Investigators:  Is there CCTV video that shows a woman with a Coach X bag getting on the train/tube/subway?  Did the woman below have a Coach bag ?  Is the silver colored pouch in the woman's hand an anti-static bag, similar to the ones that new hard drives are shipped in ?  If so, could there have been a cell-phone or other device in it that was rigged to ignite a liquid gel or powder explosive? 
I think the woman in pink got her cue to help execute the bombing from a Sandy Linter Twitter/Instagram post.  Below, is a September 13th post from the make-up artist.  It's full of clues. (She's done this kind of thing before.)
Linter's usually got two hidden messages in a post.  The second message in this post could signal a hit on breast cancer research funding.  The clues include: Play Pink breast cancer group, and Kevynaucoin, automatic and the color pink. The make-up artist is also associated with Brenda Ray Coffee's "Breast Cancer Sisterhood," organization.  Maybe the two CIA assets will go after breast cancer research money next month.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Pink Foundation - powder or liquid exploxive
Automiatic - timer
cloudine - bomb went off about 9 blocks from Parliament

dustinpop - powder explosvie
hazard_uk - london danger