A Few Notes About The HBO Production GIA
Excerpt of an nterview with Ilene Power-Kahn Executive Producer of "Gia"   by writer Luke Ford

.....Luke: "Gia is an other depressing story."

Ilene: "I sold it to Bob Cooper at HBO as the dark side of modeling. He told me he'd do it if I could come up with a true story. Around that time, there was an excerpt of a book in Vanity Fair [The Thing of Beauty: The Tragic Story of Gia]. Our head of publicity brought the book to my attention.

"We couldn't get the book. It was under option to Gene Kirkwood at Paramount. I asked him if he wanted to team up on the HBO project. He said no. [It's yet to be made.]

"I decided to go my own way. I hired a researcher. I found out everything I could about Gia that was in other places aside from the book. We couldn't get the mother's rights. She was in cahoots with [Kirkwood]. I
hired journalist and screenwriter Jay McInerny. I made strategic deals with four people who would corroborate everything about her. A guy who loved her but never slept with her because she was gay. Janice Dickinson, a top model who knew Gia. Another model who knew her. And the makeup artist Sandy Winter (sic) who had the affair with Gia.

"Sandy was straight and is straight now. She said that Gia wooed her. Those scenes of Gia with the makeup artist come straight from Sandy's memories of her.

"Gia was a beautiful junkie who was completely undone by the beauty business and her mother leaving her.

"A documentary was made about Gia. It's received wonderful reviews. She's become a cult. Our movie launched Angelina Jolie as a star."

I snagged this biography of Kahn from her website www.music4film.com: Emmy award winning producer Ilene Kahn Power was Executive Producer on GIA, HBO's story of the tragic supermodel with Angelina Jolie in her first star making role. Mercedes Ruehl, and Faye Dunaway also starred in the film which was written by 'Bright Lights, Big City' author Jay MacInerney and co-written and directed by Michael Cristofer. The film received six Emmy nominations and won two Golden Globe Awards including Outstanding Motion Picture For Television, as well as both the Directors Guild and The Writers Guild Awards.