Take a look at the post below.  It's from the old Heart and Soul group on Yahoo.

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February 19, 2010 5:54 PM
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Gia and Energy

Has anyone got any idea how much energy there is on a photo shoot. I am doing my own book now aND
YOU CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY. SHe put out so much all day every day, she was depleted and was relying on drugs at a certain point. Helloo, She was full of that deep flowing under the ground type energy that coudl be harnassed by a camera. And she took hundreds of pictures that we all know and love in such a short span of time. Gia was the most amazing model on the planet for the very short time she chose to be here.

I highlighted the cues in the above post. 

In 2010, it was reported that Iran's underground nuclear plant, Natanz, had been it by the STUXNET virus. 
The malicious worm was designed to take control of computer systems causing break-downs.  The United Nations set up video cameras at the facility to monitor Iran's nuclear program.  Over time, observers watched plant workers carrying out damaged equipment and determined that STUXNET had made an impact. 

(The Washington Post)

Here are a few important dates from STUXNET's history:  

* January 2010 - Operators of Stuxnet accelerate program by adding new malware components that make it spread faster and also make it more dangerous.

* March 2010 - Stuxnet operators add additional components to the malware to make it even more powerful.

* June 2010 - Computer security firm VirusBlokAda identifies Stuxnet as a piece of malware after reviewing a sample that was found in Iran.

* July 2010 - Cyber security blogger Brian Krebs breaks news of Stuxnet on his website.

As it turns out,
STUXNET was a planned cyber-attack on Natanz planned by the National Security Agency.

I think Sandy Linter may have been telling somene, that the STUXNET secret was about to be divulged.

Sounds crazy eh ?  Not at all.

There's more....
One of the things I hate the most, is when people use Gia for their own foul purposes.  That's why I've been pointing out how some of her fashion photos from the 1970s and 1980s contain hidden messages.  Those images are still being used today to send messages.  Last September, there was a series of bombings in the Northeast.    I posted this photo innocently on Heart and Soul - Group Owner Sandy Linter (Facebook.)  A reply to my post signaled the bombings.   The clue or cue is, "SPARK NEEDED"   Please read the BBC story:  US attacks: What we know about Minnesota, New York and New Jersey
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