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Itís just the latest twist in nanotech that is using gold as medicine
Area 41 & The Gold Brain or
Where's the Gold ?
When my father served in the United States Army, one of his duties was to guard the gold at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The gold in the vault used to back the U.S. Dollar.  But in 1971, that changed and the dollar is now backed by the Federal Reserve.  I don't think there's any gold in the Fort Knox vault.  I don't think there was any gold there in 1971 either.  My father once said, "There's no gold at Fort Knox."  I can't even remember what the convesation was about.... but I remember him saying that.  Apparently others are also wondering if there's any gold at Fort Knox.  (The Wall Street Daily  "The Biggest Lie in Government History.")  I think I know where the old gold might be hiding.  l'll tell you about that in another post.

Today, the real gold exists in the human brain.
  In my search to find documented proof that the US Government targets innocent citizens, I came across, "HAVA41."  Hava revers to the "Help America Vote Bill of 2002."  41 refers to "Area 41.  If the name reminds you of "Area 51," its probably for good reason.  Area 51 is in the Nevada desert and is rumored to be a location where military researchers experiemented with "cloning."  That's why you'll find conspiracy theorists on-line refering to aliens when they talk about the once "secret zone."

Area 41 is the new Area 51.  If you look up Area 41 on the internet, you'll find refereces to the brain.  Area 41 is right next to area 42 in the brain image below.
41 and 42 connect with the Cerebral Cortex and tie into other parts of the brain through Brodmann connectors.  You can compare the brain to a computer CPU with the Brodmann connectors acting as the motherboard's North and South Bridges.  People who are familiar with computer motherboards, will know that the North and South Bridges control the signals that make the computer and it's parts including the keyboard, monitor and speakers, function.   The motherboard is similar to the human body.
Area 41, also refers to Molonglo Valley in Australia.  Molonglo is also clled the Box area, or wooded area.  If you visit the Molonglo Planning site, you'll find that the Australian Government (ACT) is attempting to restore and rebuild the area.  The government starting mining in the Brodmann-Molonglo region in the early 1900s.  There weren't any environmental protections in place, and the  surrounding environment including the Great Barrier Reef was nearly decimated.  ACT is code for the document that created the Australian Federation.  (The Federation, in part, is made up of the same nations that are part of the Five Eyes intelligence organization.)

Part of the ACT restoration plan calls for moving 55,000 people into the area.  I have to wonder how serious The Federation is about cleaning up the region if its moving in a small city.  I don't think the government is serious at all:  there are proposals to continue mining the area.  The document is loaded with clues, but the amendment to pay attention to as far as continued mining is concerned is: Planning and Development (Technical AmendmentóDenman Prospect) Plan Variation 2017 (No 2).  "Denman Prospect" refers to a coalition of mining companies in New South Wales where the Brodmann area is located.
(Look up NSW mining companies in the Yellow Pages.) 

As I stated earlier, the Australian Federation, consists of the same nations that are part of the Five Eyes surveillance organization.  The coutries have an agreement not to spy on one-another in the effort to fight international terrorism.  Right now, Five Eyes is looking for another member.  My guess is that China, Japan, France or Germany would love to be a part of the organization.
China or Japan would seem to be a natural fit: they're close to Australia in the Southern Hemisphere.
  Recently, there has been a lot of news coverage concerning, the Phillipines, Myanmar and other Maylasian countries in the region.  Human Rights organzations are documenting the genocide taking place there.  I believe the hidden agenda is to mine valuable minerals and gem stones once the indigenous people have died off, or have been moved out under various global relocation plans.

As I pointed out at the beginnig of this post, there isn't likely to be any gold at Fort Knox, or not much anyway.  There are gold reserves through-out the world.  However the real wealth is in Artificial Intelligence studies.  And as I've just shown you, the brain as it's been mapped by research groups, points to mining interests in all the hemispheres.

I have to say, I'm tired of all this decoding, deciphering and translating.  But I will continue to do so, because what world leaders are doing to people is horrific, and it is inhumane.   They cannot continue to target innocent people to use in this sick, cuel "game" they're playing with our lives and minds.

Forrest "Woody" Beam
Brodmann Areas (Global Hemispheres)