Gia, Hidden Messages
and FaceBook Groups

I've stated before that Gia's photos were used by the fashion industry to give clues about trafficking, assasinations, terrorist plots and war strategies.  (Trafficking Messages)  Today, her image is still being used on social media tos to send hidden messages.  One example is a September 12, 2016 FaceBook post on Heart and Soul-Owner Sandy Linter.    I posted the photo below not konwing that one of the group members, Margaret Anne Serpe, would use it to signal a series of bombings in the North East.  (Heart and Soul Infiltration)
I left Sandy Linter's Heart and Soul late last fall.  I couldn't stand the way it was being run, and it pissed me off that people such as Serpe, were posting hidden messages. I started my own Gia FB group, "Gia Carangi - Una Donna Eccezionale."  If I find that members are posting "secret" communications, I will kick them off, as I did to one person a few days ago.  (I think it was Serpe, but I don't know for sure.)  I posted the photo below.
Here's one of the responses the photo got.  The "X" made me suspicious.
I thought, "Oh no.  Someone is going to bomb something."  I looked at the photo again for a clue.  "Regine" is the clue.  Regine's was a night club in Paris.  So I guessed someone might be planning to set off a bomb there.  As It turns out, authorities were investigating a bomb factory just south of Paris.

"Paris ‘bomb factory’ suspects believed to have links to Syria"  New York Post September 7, 2017

Robert Spencer's
JihadWatch also reported about the "bomb factory."  The so-called "Dream Dick," aka, Whitey, tweeted about it.  I can't prove it... But somehow I think this was a false flag event designed to elevate what I believe to be a right wing blog. 
DO NOT TRY TO USE MY FB GROUP TO POST ATTACK MESSAGES, AND/OR FALSE FLAG CUES.  IF YOU WANT TO DO THAT, GO ON OVER TO HEART AND SOUL OWNED BY SANDY LINTER.  By the way, I started that group nearly 15 years ago on Yahoo.  That woman has done nothing but use it for her own vices, er... uhm... I mean devices.