Dream Dick Gets Cut

He likes me to call him Whitey.   He's the guy that's been gang-banging, (terrorizing and stalking,) me for the past five years using my RFID chip signals.   He's got micro-chips in his head too.  On-line, he identifies himself, as Christopher Robinson, the British Dream Detective, who supposedly predicted the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.   This guy is no seer.....  He's a toxic fraud, and is now trying to defraud financial institutions and other e-commerce businesses.

Every once in a while I check "The Dream Dick's" Twitter feed to see what he's been up to.   Earlier this week he was ranting about how the HSBC stole money from his account :

The guy is not from the UK and he is not there now.  He lives here in Ayrsley in an apartment near, The Square."  I think he's going to a Charlotte HSBC ATM, and using a Mastercard to deposit and withdraw money.  Whitey may have edited/photoshopped the receipt... I'm not sure... But if you look at the currency he's trying to withdraw, it's in U.S. dollars.  His account either got hacked, or he's hacked it himself and is running some sort of scam to have the money "returned. "
I recently bought a ticked to a Blondie concert through Event Tickets.  The Dream Dick/Whitey sees everything I do.... and he likely got the idea to involve Event Tickets in a scam to swindle the company and Blondie out of money.  Here's his Twitter post,  dated the same day he was ranting about his HSBC loss.
Then I decided to take a look at EventTickes5's Twitter feed and  found a Tweet involving someone who goes by the name of nectar.  Incidentally, Blondie's latest release is "Pollinator."  It looks as though someone at Event Tickets is running a scam involving Blondie ticket sales.  "I'll keep the nectar," and "smashed," are the code words.
In one of the above Tweets, Robinson/Whitey calls himself a CIA psychic spy.  Bull shit !! He's a chipped and fried toxic asset that probably a lot of people would like to get rid of;  he's wreckless and has been trying to scam people all his life.  Whitey thinks the letter below proves he's psychic.
If you read the letter closely, you'll see that the Ministry of Defencse official is politey telling Whitey to kiss off.

Whitey may have lived in the UK at one time, but as I've stated, he lives here in Ayrsley
and he's harrassing me and trying to make a buck however he can.