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> I resembled Debbie Harry so much back in the day, that her agent had a 
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> > > >>conversation with me at Studio 54, and stopped himself in the middle because 
> > >he 
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> > > >>thought I was her. We are only a couple of years difference in age.When we 
> > >are 
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> > > >>side by side we don't look alike but it's happened too often in the past, 
> > >that 
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> > > >>people thought I look like her.

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I went to Paris to do the collections in 1977. All over town, kids were calling me Blondie. I thought it was about the color of my hair. I didn't even put it together. yet. Then I dated this guy Tommy, who was a friend of Andy Warhols'. We went to see a play, all of us called Got to go disco. When I got out of the limo with Andy Warhol, everyone wanted my autograph. They pushed right past Andy to get to me. I signed Debbie Harry because I knew that's what they wanted and I couldn't get through the crowd unless I did it. Andy was laughing.... Gia never mentioned my Debbie look-alike.

I recently worked with Deborah Harry for my book and walked her to the bathroom. I told her everyone thinks I'm you, Debbie and she said "I get told all the time I look like Sandy Linter!". Oh no!

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Gia loved the Rolling Stones. carried a switchblade like Keith. I still see Keith from time to time and do Patti Hansens' makeup. She loved Debbie Harry, I have her in my book. She loved the Ramones. I was Johnny Ramones friend and Linda Ramone is my best friend.

Gia and I liked the same things. We liked the same people. Her friends didn't like me and my friends (some of them) didn't like her.BUT we liked the same people. The people with the heart and soul, we knew who they were. Patti, Linda, Debbie amazing.

Gia had mostly very discriminating taste in people.

You have to read Beauty Disrupted by Carre Otis. I wlll tweet about it. The modeling career. Read about her times that she was raped, just a teenager by the head of a modeling agency. Beaten up and abused by Mickey Rourke. And dabbled in lesbian affairs and eventually, yes, you guesd it, got addicted to heroin. I worked with her and she was so beautiful. Nice lady, who lived to tell her story.

Usually, I don't display people's social media posts on my blog.... But in this case, I feel I must.  I'm using these posts to make a point, which probably won't be clear to you right off.  But I think it will in the near future.   This is not out of spite.

Who would you be if you weren't you ?
Debbie Linter