The Dream Detective and Chris Cantwell

Department of Justice investigators, please get rid of Whitey, aka, The Dream Detective, Christopher Robinson.  He's associated with accused  white nationalist Christoper Cantwell.  I've been writing about Whitey for a year or so, telling you folks that he's a perverted stalker... and... more recently, a sexual predator.   I think the images and Tweets below prove it.   
Below, Dream Dective aka, Whitey... At The Square in Ayrsley... the guy who has been stalking/harrassing me for 5 years.  His tweet references child porn... later he tries to turn the post into a prediction about the recent Barcelona attack.
Below, Chalmers, aka Chris Cantwell, makes a reference to "Dream Detective, aka Whitey.  Both Chalmers and The Dream Detective "pretend" they're British.  They are not !!
Below is a still from a Cantwell video.  Cantwell speaks about being afraid of getting arrested over the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.  At the beginning of the video, he starts spesaking with a bit of British accent... then stops himself.  The lower right still is from a Chris Chalmers video.  Chalmers is reading a short story he may have written.  It's supposedly a story for children:  "Ian, gardener and unlikely Lothario."  Notice the background in the stills from both videos.  Cantwell IS Chris Chalmers, and an associate of Robinson.
Below, Chalmers/Cantwell references Grenfell Towerss.... I think he's saying the Grenfall fire was deliberately set by some of his followers.

Also, Chalmers and a tweeter reference child porn.
   Cheese, stuffed with....
Below, Chalmers references The Dream Detective again.  I think he might be saying he just realized Whitey/Dream Detective is at The Square in Ayrsley, or that Whitey is joining him in child porn/trafficking and extortion efforts.
From Chalmers/Cantwell's website.  Notice the CR key ring on the left and the nuts.
Reference to Christopher Robinson, The Deram Detective, aka Whitey.