The guys below have been identified in the media as Peter Tefft.  Tefft was reportedly arrested after the Charlottesville, Virginia "Unite the Right" rally, Saturday August 13th.   The two are likely to be brothers.  At any rate, the "Teffts," were among the people with flipped over Ayrian doos I saw here at The Square in Ayrsley a few days before the Charlottesville rally.
Here's a recent Tweet from Tefft.  Tefft was arguing with other Tweeters about about White Rights and then told one Tweeter, the rally was a prank. 
In the drone video, it looks like a van crashed into the crowd.  And, some of the crowd members appear to be  stunt performers.  But look at the image below.  The van is now a car.  Huh ?  Definately a stunt.  One of the scenes is probably a rehearsal.
Charlottesville Stunt
I think the rally was a stunt, a dog and pony show.  Watch the drone video below.