The Holden-Hayden Farm in Alstead, New Hampshire
The woman standing in the photo above is Harriet Holden.  She is my grandmother's aunt..... Katherine Beam, formerly, Katherine Keefe - below
General Michael Hayden/NSA
National Public Radio fan
Former CIA Director Cofer Black
Attorney Montford FLDS cult, Texas
John Hinckley- convicted of shooting Pres. Reagan
Dream Detective, Chris Robinson,
Involved in the 2001 Twin Tower Attacks
Mark David Chapman,
convicted of killing John Lennon
My grandfather on the right, Allan L. Beam, World War I Vet, sometimes referred to as Ally Beam
Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria - The man in the side car with my grandfather is my great grandfather.  Boxer Rebellion.
My grandmother Beam, had 13 children.  Some of them were taken care of by Harriet Holden in the top photo.  My grandfather was a brutal man.  I believe he kept her bare-foot and pregnant and let "friends," have their way with her.  Ally Beam died around 1946-47.  He is rumored to have been an Ice salesman and traveled throughout the Northeast, including Pennysylvania.  He also is said to have been a union "Teamster."

How do I get from Katherine Beam to General Hayden, Cofer Black, etc...  they likely were taken away from my grandmother soon after birth... or adopted out.  Their DNA was likely collected by the U.S. Military and mixed with, well, just about any other DNA.  That DNA is likely to have been mixed with women of the Mormon and FLDS churches and so we have Montford, Hinckley, Robinson and Chapman.
Ally Beam - The man in black.  False Flag participant of World War I.
I have copies of his military entrance and discharge papers.

He was probably also a member of the Irish and French Mafia.
Below: Archduke Franz Ferdinand, nephew of Franz Joseph.  Ferdinand may be the man sitting in the chair in the photo with Harriet Holden--Dr. Holden
Me - Jacqueine Beam -
named after Jackie Kennedy Onasis
The Beam - Hayden Connection
My father, Woody Beam - Sharpshooter
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand