Or is it Abbey Maurer of  WTXL Tallahassee ?
Is this Jacqui Pearl of WTNZ ?
June 17th, 2016:

Sydney Crumley - WTOC
Alex Reinecke - WVUE
Blake Currie - WBMF
Amber Williams - WMC
Jacqui  Pearl - WTNZ
Maria Hutschemakers - WXTX
Kristie Jones - KAUZ
Jerrod Pigg - WSFA 
Cathy Bridges - WTVM

Jose "Fitz" Ramirez - KFDA
Tallahassee Chipster
What's going on here ?  Jacqui Pearl is on the left.  She was at Raycom last summer to take part in the sales training program.  Or Is Pearl, Abbey Maurer of WTXL Tallahassee?  I think there's some "funny" business going on.   I recently recognized Brian Sadler in a Charlottesville demonstration.  Brian supposedly died suddenly in Tallahassee earlier this summer.  I used to work with him.  No doubt he was "taken," against his will.   I'm not sure about Pearl/Maurer. 

Micro-chip 'em, hijack 'em, and change their identities.
  The only person I know of that you haven't been able to "get" is, ME.      (Raycom, Hardage & Chips)