Sixteen years after the attack on the World Trade Center, the Federal Government is still telling the public that "terrorists," are solely to blame for the September 11, 2001, attacks on the Twin Towers.  There were terrorists involved, but they weren't just foreign extremists.  A lot of entities were involved, including the US Government.  Right.  You've probably heard all of this before... all te crazy conspiracy theories.  Believe me.  They aren't so crazy.  I've read a lot of conspiracy theories, watched the documentaries, looked at the science of the Towers falling, and I've found that there's a thread of truth that can be found in most of them.  You take those threads of Truth, and you have a very real picture of what happened on that day back in 2001.

Here's what I think happened on September 11th.

Planes and probably a drone hit one or both of the towers.  One of the most important things to note is that responders and others on the scene report hearing explosions.  Science has proven that fire from the crash and jet fuel could not have caused them as the government says in its official 9/11 Commission Report.  Below is a sound file with excerpts from the New York City emergency managment system.  The recordings from that day were not included in the 9/11 Commission Report.  
The New York Times reports that the Commission published it's findings before the legalities of releasing the audio could be worked out.
September 11th 2001 Attacks -
Don't Buy Into The Bullshit

Oddly enough, the emergency Command Center, located in Building 7 of the World Trade Center was unstaffed on September 11th.  The alert system had been set to "Test."  The Command center was responsible for coordinating "recovery efforts," after a terrorist attack, and should have been responsible for a plan to evacuate people from the Trade Center.  Since the center was not operational, emergency evacuation were left solely to police, medical and fire responders.  (Building 7 "collapsed," later that day.)

Additionally, with the Command Center down, all the computer systems at WTC were left open to hacking and
tampering.  It's conceivable that people could have have hi-jacked the systems using a program called, "PROMIS."
PROMIS is said to have been a pirated copy of the security software program, Ptech.  (The software was funded through the Department of Defense.)  It worked by recording images of a computer system so that gaps in security and intrusions could be easily identfied.   The problem is, unscrupulous people who had access to the lay-out of the system maps could control the networks.    So if you have a few "bad seeds,"  with access to computer data bases and maps, it's plausible they could have helped set up the September 11th attacks.

Who would want to do such a thing ?  How about:

People who were critical of WTC leaseholder and developer Larry Silverstein.

Banks that helped finance Silverstein's project

Saudi Arabia -
The country holds a large amount of the United States' debt.

Israeli government
-  it got caught up in a 1990 crimnal fraud case involving General Electric
military jet engines.

The National Security Agency - a small time player that wanted to increase it's budget
in the age of Cyber attacks.

Department of Defense Contractors -- wanting Federal Dollars to bolster their businesses.

Any country who participates in so called - War Games with the United States.

Anyone who wanted to destroy
40,000 JFK photo negatives stored in Building 5.

The CIA and FBI -
wanting to blow up the evidence of false flag attacks stored in Building 7.

Traders who wanted to make money investing in airlines, defense contractors, and cyber security name just a few industries.

Art dealers and collectors wanting to collect insurance from destroyed works of art displayed in various WTC buildings.

Conde Nast - The publisher of coded WTC messages in its magazines...
Conde Nast helped fund a major Times Square renovation project after 9/11.  The company received space in the new One World Trade Center.

I believe all of the above to be true.  I don't think the greed justifies the tangled web of lies told to the public or the loss of nearly 3,000 people.
Lisa Vale and Gia - Twin Towers photo shoot, November 1979 Vogue.  Photo:  Chris Von Wangeheim