Gia Carangi , Vogue
Andrea Blanch , Way Bandy
Vogue July 1982

Well, there is not a lot of Gia
here.  But I must say the photos
that are in this issue show
a very soulful Gia.  Perahps
Gia sensed that this was near
to her last chance at finding
salvation in the fashion world.
We love you Gia.
Harvey Fierstein made up
for "Torch Song Trilogy
How very fitting to have Harvey Fierstein featued in this issue of
Vogue with Gia.   The year was
1982, a year that would see numerous HIV/AIDS cases spring up on the American landscape.
"Torch Song Trilogy" spoke of
the intricacies of gay life in this country, still unknown to many in
main stream America... but never-the-less, fraught with the every day complications  seen in straight America.  Little did any of us know at the time how much more complicated life would become living as "gay" Americans.  AIDS/HIV may have
taken a toll on the gay sector first 
but eventually, not even "straight" America would be spared.   HIV took Gia, let us not forget
was not drug addiction.
Cover:  Nastassia Kinsky
By Richard Avedon
Photo by Andrea Blanch
Top right and to the left:

Hair:  John Sahag
Makeup:  Way Bandy
Photos:  ???